The Messiah Herald

Catering for your spiritual needs

We are living in turbulent times in which intolerance and immorality are at their peak while compassionate living is discouraged. Many people lead selfish and materialistic lifestyles. Human beings neither have trust in God nor do they seek his proximity. At the least, religions have become businesses and at their worst, they have morphed into terrorist-producing factories. The state of international politics is deeply troubling. Everywhere we look today, humanity is suffering in one way or another. We no longer have inner peace or spiritual bliss.

It is with all this in mind that we at Messiah Foundation International started the Messiah Herald monthly publication.

All religions and cultures have their own respective names by which they remember God. Christians call him God while the Jews call upon him as Yahweh. For the Muslims he is Allah and for Hindus he is Om, Bhagwan, Eshwar, Raam, etc. Similarly, every religion has its own name for the Awaited One. He is the Messiah for the Jews, Imam Mehdi for the Muslims and Kalki Avatar for the Hindus. Although the titles differ, the concept of the Awaited One remains similar in all religions, alluding to the fact that the Awaited One is one personality simply known by different titles.

Here you will find articles pertaining to spirituality, religion, current events and the advent of the Awaited Saviour humanity desperately needs.