The True Mehdi

Exposing Misconstrued Concepts of Imam Mehdi

The concept of Imam Mehdi in Islam differs among its denominations. Every sect has its own notion of who Imam Mehdi is and what his purpose is in the world. What every sect does agree upon is that Imam Mehdi will appear in the end times and establish justice in the world.

Similarly, every religion has its own concept of an Awaited Saviour who will provide salvation to mankind in the end times. He is known as the Promised Messiah in Judaism and the Foretold Kalki Avatar in Hinduism. This begs the question: if all religions awaited different saviours of equal power, would there not be a divine tug of war between them? It simply means that humanity awaits a single personality, who is known by different titles in different religions.

Due to the misguided concepts of Imam Mehdi presented especially by the Shi’ite and Wahhabi sects, the West has been given a corrupted concept of Imam Mehdi that has no basis in reality. They have been led to believe that Imam Mehdi will be a figure catering to the Muslims of Iran or Saudi Arabia, who will be hostile towards the West. They have come to see Imam Mehdi as a threat to their very existence. This misperception has also been made popular by authors such as Joel Rosenberg, whose book, The First Hostage, paints Imam Mehdi in a diabolical light.

The purpose of this magazine is to disprove the false image of Imam Mehdi portrayed to the world and present the original concept with references from holy scriptures.

We authoritatively proclaim that Imam Mehdi is not a warrior. His message of divine love and peace is universally acceptable. He is not an enemy of Israel, the Jewish community, the USA, Christians or any other religious or national group. He is the one awaited by all mankind and he shall establish the Kingdom of God on Earth alongside Jesus Christ.